Reclaiming your Voice: Sing yourself Back to Life!

What are the stories you have been told about using your voice? Are you scared of singing or speaking in front of people? Do you want to expand your voice through the power of shared musical creativity and a whole lot of fun?

If you answer YES to any of these, this workshop is for you! Come awaken the power and splendor of your true voice. This workshop is for anyone who has ever been told that you couldn’t or shouldn’t sing as well as for those who will never stop singing.

Through movement, rhythm, breath and energy work and sacred play, we will search for our true voices and invite them to come home. Using chanting, humming, vocal exercises and the stillness that is the beginning of all creation, we will reawaken our individual voices and our collective power to sing ourselves back to life. We will use basic vocal improvisation and learn how to sing some harmonies.

  • Learn exercises to strengthen your voice and broaden your vocal range
  • Build confidence in your voice and thus in yourself
  • Expand your creativity and discover your ability
  • Learn some great new songs you can share with others!
  • Have fun!

Engage your body, breath and heart as you step into the unknown and delight in a musical world where anything is possible! This class is open to all genders 18 and over. EXPERIENCE WITH SINGING WELCOME BUT NOT REQUIRED. Everyone who has ever thought, “I love to sing but I don’t do it in public”, as well as those who consider themselves singers are invited to come together for inspiration. All spiritual backgrounds are welcome, but please be tolerant of differences