Freyja’s Gold: An Exploration of Creativity and Sexuality

(co-developed with Suzanne Sterling)

Using the Norse myth of Freyja and her magical necklace, the Brisingamen as a frame, we will explore the path of the artist, performer, the creatrix who views sensuality as a resource and source of inspiration. The goddess, Freyja, chose to share her creative life force with whom she pleased because it was hers to give. What offerings of art and sexuality do we choose to make? What boundaries do we want or need to set? How do we face projections and rejections about our choices to give, create, love, perform? What are the obstacles that hold us back?  What consequences are we willing to accept in order to liberate the divine inside each of us?

We will take risks to uncover the jewels hidden in the deeply woven connections between our sexuality and our creative expression…our sex and our voice. We will work with improvisation, movement, singing, developing our own creative offerings, witnessing each other, listening and learning to shine.