Dancing with the Shadow

“That which we keep unwelcome eventually turns on us.” -Karl Marx

Dare to seek your secret faces. Acknowledge your potential for both beauty and destruction. Learn to recognize the obscured pieces you attempt not to show to the world but that influence your choices all the same. Summon your true power back from the times you acted in ways that don’t make you proud. Dive into your shadow to know your wholeness.

In so many of the creation myths and ancient traditions, brightness and darkness coupled, merging and separating in a cosmic dance. In many human cultures, a schism occurred and darkness was attributed only the powers of death, earth, flesh, animal and evil while brightness was assigned only the qualities of life, heaven, soul, spirit and goodness. In the natural world and within us, there is no conflict between opposites, only combinations and spaces between them. Each of us holds the archetype of sacred twins, one dark, one bright and we bring these energies together to better understand our aversions and attractions.

In this class, we journey into and beyond dualities within ourselves, examine how light and dark intertwine in our lives. Using the tools of theatre, movement, mask making, personal and cultural myths, art and dreamwork, we will seek the treasures of our creativity in the shadows.