Alchemy: The Art of Change

Change is the only constant. With every breath, we are asked to integrate the new and release the outdated. We are living in times of rapid and unrelenting changes and sometimes we struggle to integrate everything that is happening. Alchemy is the transition of material from one state of being to another. The Taoist alchemists were magicians, herbalists and early scientists who believed in an animated world and the possibility of creating the extraordinary.

What do you want more than anything? What pattern are you ready to transform? How is this ancient art relevant to our contemporary lives? What is the difference between medicine that relieves symptoms and medicine that transmutes poison? How can we transform patterns that are no longer helpful and find the gold hidden in our difficulties?

In this didactic and experiential workshop we will use our minds, hearts, voices and bodies to remember why we are here and begin to embrace the changes for which our lives have been asking. We explore ancient alchemical scripts and delve into our own inner alchemy—revealing the golden truth of the divine self in the laboratory of our souls. This workshop is open to adults of all genders, orientations, cultural and spiritual backgrounds. Please be familiar with guided meditation and be respectful of different kinds of spiritual practices and/or open minded about working in a container of sacred space with voice, movement and energy work.