yesterday, I saw spiders
everywhere in the forest
small busy spinners
knitting the world together
with a shimmering net

sometimes, I trust
that cosmic net
even when
my DNA is screaming
to string myself too tight,
overstretch and tremble.
be cruel to survive.

spiderweb w dew

we are created equal
in dignity
but then
something splits.
we forget that web
where everything sings to everything.
some of us have
and some h a v e n o t
because so much has been lost.
why should I hold it all
cupped in my pale hands
when you beg me to



spiderweb w spider

my comfort is not the immediate goal.
I hang
over moving water
spitting invisible thread,
wishing I could catch
something real.

I want to be
this acrobat hunter
with the poison tooth,
this spinning wild soul
who weaves true things
but all I know is
how to use venom
and how to build a home
in the air
out of nothing.

spider web w dewdrops

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