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September 30th, 2019 – March 9th, 2020  – 6 Month Online Mentorship, Revolution of the Spirit: Awakening Your Sacred Medicine in the Modern World– Online Circle

January 16th – 19th, 2020 – Hips, Hearts, and Throats: Integrating Our Truest Stories – San Diego, CA – With Ella DeCastro Baron and Lorna Murday

February 20th – 26th, 2020 – Illumination Women’s Retreat: Dance With Your Desires – Puntarenas, Costa Rica – With Paulette Rees-Denis

March 23rd, 2020 – August 10th, 2020 – Priestess Apprenticeship in Sacred Leadership – ONLINE – With Suzanne Sterling

May 22nd, 2020 – October 9th, 2020 – Radical Roots: Reawakening for These Times – ONLINE – With Gede Parma (Fio Santika Akheron)


Revolution of the Spirit: Awakening your Sacred Medicine in the Modern World 6 Month Online Mentorship

Revolution of the SpiritSeptember 30th, 2019 – March 9th, 2020


I know there’s a passion behind the work you do. Not simply about making a living, I know you strive to make a difference in a world that begs for healing. I know you see all the places where our industrialized culture needs sacred and creative medicine. I see you searching to find your soul fire or fund your dream.

I know you yearn for visionary, revolutionary healing, and that desire sometimes keeps you up at night. You question whether you’re still on the right path, or maybe, how you get from here to there. Your fears and doubts turn up the volume and say you are not enough or too much. You sabotage yourself with old patterns that keep you small and invisible. You worry that they will think you are silly or dangerous if you leave your safety zone and talk about what is sacred.

I know this, because I have been there. Because I also strive to live my soul’s purpose, bring my medicine into the world and affect the most potent transformations possible.

I dare you to awaken your unique medicine and become a global revolutionary healer of our modern lives.

This Revolution of the Spirit mentorship will help you manifest your personal medicine in our shared world. Embrace what is weird, wonderful and wild about you, and unleash your success!

*Transform patterns of self sabotage
*Learn 9 Cross Cultural Practices to bring Spirit into modern life
*Take holy risks toward success
*Reclaim the voice of your soul for speaking and writing
*Set your Right Brain Genius free, even in your workplace
*Blow their minds without setting off the woo-woo alarms

This self-guided mentorship offers an online laboratory for personal and professional growth and healing, through online coursework and readings, group exchanges and live calls. One personal coaching session with Ravyn is included.

This apprenticeship is open to adults of all genders, ethnicities, orientations, ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds.



Sept 30

Oct 14, 28

Nov 11, 25

Dec 9, 30

Jan 13, 27
Feb 10, 24
March 9
Mondays 5:00pm- 6:30pm, PST

We are using justice pricing model. At Revolution of the Spirit, we stand for leveraging our privilege to support others. If you can afford to, please consider paying it forward by paying any amount above $600. This allows us to continue scaling the prices of our intensives so that everyone is included. We are committed to cultivating a diversity of voices and life experiences in our trainings and making them accessible to people of all income levels. In other words, the more who are able to pay at the higher end $900-1000 create opportunities for those who couldn’t otherwise afford the training. Thank you!

*Partial Scholarships available! To apply, please complete this form:

Register through Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/revolution-of-the-spirit-tickets-63922455786

We highly recommend having a copy of Revolution of the Spirit: Awaken the Healer as we will work with and reference this in the course:


For more info, please contact Lynx at lynxylulu@gmail.com

Hips, Hearts, and Throats: Integrating Our Truest Stories

Your body holds all your stories, of ancestors, culture, and lineage. Many of us have been told we can’t move our bodies in certain ways, we should not say particular things, we should control our hearts, we shouldn’t make things with our hands. Our hips, hearts, and throats are some of the most sensual and magical parts of our bodies, and we have been warned that they are dangerous.

Art is a path to healing the body and the heart. This workshop is a portal to your inner creative world and deepest storytelling…where your True Guidance comes from, the place where Love abides without judgement, duality and conditions.

In this weekend retreat for all who identify as woman, femme, or non-binary, we will awaken and explore our natural creativity in a supportive environment. Through generative writing prompts, guided movement, painting, and Hula, we will reclaim our voices and flirt with the arts. Colors will be your words and patterns will be the threads with which your stories are woven. We will question old stories and cultural biases that have kept us small, and invite the ability to see ourselves and each other through new eyes.

Integrate your true voice with your body, on the page, and on the canvas. We will connect with each other to cultivate resilience, humility, and relationships. When we step through the portal of our storytelling, we align with the heart of the Universe.

Cost: $799 early bird before Nov 25 for shared room ($899 for limited single room availability)
After Nov 25 $899 for shared room
After Dec 16 $950

Schedule : Thursday, January 16, 4:00pm through Sunday, January 19, 10:00am

Cost includes: lodging; workshop teachings & materials; all meals (vegan, GF, health-full options)

Location: a large, modern-upgraded, “Moonlight Beach Place” house in Encinitas, CA (a 3-minute walk to the ocean!)

((Limited space for local folks to come during the day at reduced price!)) Contact: ella.storyteller@gmail.com

Pay through PayPal (select friends & family option): forestspringacupx@yahoo.com

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Scholarships Available (priority given to people of color and single moms) Contact: ella.storyteller@gmail.com

ANY Questions, please ask! ella.storyteller@gmail.com

Illumination Women's Retreat

Join this 6-day Women’s Retreat and Mastermind to step further into your purpose, your pleasures, and your superpowers while getting your adventure on and your adrenaline pumping. This is all about feminine empowerment, leadership, support, fun, and celebration!

  • What if you could release the stress, anxieties, and lack of money worries in your life?
  • What if you could rewrite your story for passion and pleasure?
  • What if you knew how to expand your vision and make your desires come into fruition?
  • What if you could step into your leadership and grow your support system?

In the beautiful and luxurious hilltop paradise,  Paulette’s annual Illumination women’s retreat and mastermind is designed to light you up, guide you to rewrite your story, and leap into your next steps for your lifestyle, well-being, and business dreams!

Ravyn can’t wait to support the rewriting of your story, and guide you towards your desired vision! In this retreat, Ravyn will help you find what your soul is here to express and exactly how you are going to do it. We will venture into the shadows to determine what’s in the way, and how your defense mechanisms strive to keep you small, even as you long to grow! Ravyn will help you reclaim your speaking and writing voice, and dare you to take the first steps towards your next adventure.

Gather with a powerful and intimate group of like-minded creative women for a week-long circle of inspired epicness.

Ravyn and Paulette Dance With Your Desires

  • Are you ready to combine fun, adventure, relaxation, beauty, and a clearer vision and a deep dive into your desires?
  • What do you dare to start, to change, to create, to experience, to explore?
  • What projects do you want to bring into clear vision with steps to completion?
  • When your business, creative, and lifestyle goals come to light, we’ll make your Magic Action Plan (M.A.P.) for real, actionable, and accountable steps to make YOU happen!

Mix this with eating whole fresh healthy vegan meals, pool and beach time, ATV’ing, jungle exploring, surf lessons, waterfalls, naps, everyday Divine Feminine dance and movement, with time away from your every day so you will rejuvenate, and refresh your soul, your vision, and your body.


February 20 – 26th, 2020

Pura Vida Casas, Esterillos Oeste, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

For More Info: https://tinyurl.com/y6gcmvka


Priestess Apprenticeship In Sacred Leadership

Ravyn and Suzanne

The time is now. Are you ready?
The world needs you.
To step into Sacred Leadership
Connected Leadership
Relational Leadership
Responsible Leadership


Our modern world is demanding a new kind of creative and intuitive leadership while a widespread hunger for experiences of the sacred in daily life becomes more and more clear. Are you longing to change the world, the culture, or simply your workplace? Have you wondered how you could integrate the tools of ritual and other sacred arts into your every day? How to make your activism sacred? As you are called into action, are you able to transform your passion into your service and your offering? Where are your strengths? What are the edges you are pushing, the gifts you want to pursue?

Skilled and sacred leadership is one of the most important gifts we can give this chaotic world. We have inherited a culture that bears the wounds of colonization and systemic oppression and as visionary leaders, we have to heal it.

This is not a training about spiritually bypassing what is real so we can only feel good.

This is not a training that allows us to feel empowered but separated from those who are suffering the challenges of our time.

This is a get down in the dirt and learn some real skills kind of training.

Skills like:

How do we communicate and create with others who may not be like us?

How do we boldly introduce new ways of relating that are connective, respectful and deeply rooted in spiritual values?

How do we create transformative experiences of collective joy?

Sacred leadership can be collaborative, cooperative, and a force for true change. Staying silent is the opposite of brave. Where can you speak up, support the most vulnerable of us? Reclaiming your voice can be terrifying, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Sacred leadership asks us to to move into a deeper relationship with our ancestral spiritual traditions, and also create inclusive, multicultural ritual that unites disparate communities behind shared intentions.

Sacred leadership does not shrink from the unraveling of racism, sexism, classism and the multiplicity of ways humans harm and exclude each other. These times are demanding we do our part to make social justice based rituals that are ecstatic, non-binary, and evolutionary.

In this training, we grow our capacity to hold people in transformation, learn from our mistakes, mediate conflicts, and create meaningful rituals that serve all beings. We share what is so painful and exciting about being alive right now. We remember what is worth fighting for and what qualities leaders need in the real world to bring The Great Turning to life.

The Priestess Apprenticeship in Sacred Leadership will explore tangible skills in multiple ritual modalities that will provide a foundation for your own priestessing and establish practices to deepen your connection to the sacred. This apprenticeship is open to adults of all genders and spiritual backgrounds.

Skills cultivated will include:

* Developing a grounding and centering personal practice
* Creating sacred containers for transformative work
* Discovering your unique abilities, super powers, self awareness
* Effective communication skills
* Growing confidence and charisma through radical self responsibility
* Transforming stagnant patterns
* Working with the five elements: air, fire, water, earth and spirit
* Working with ancestors of spiritual craft
* Raising, changing and containing energy
* Creating ritual for various situations
* Leading trance, guided meditation and other ritual technologies
* Shadow stalking, projection, and boundaries
* Collaboration and shared power
* Learning to find inspiration, trust yourself, ask for help
* Developing personal vision for leadership
* Crafting ritual for social justice and community building



March 23, April 13, May 4, June 8, July 13, August 10 


5:00-6:30pm, Pacific Time, via Zoom


Please register on Eventbrite:  https://tinyurl.com/y3radjju

AND complete the following ~

Letter of Intention
Please send a letter of intention which highlights your magical and leadership experience, your skills and abilities, and growing edges/challenges.

This letter needs to be sent to the following three people ~


For more information: lynxylulu@gmail.com


Radical Roots: Reawakening for These Times

Radical Roots: Reawakening for These Times 
with Gede Parma (Fio Santika Akheron) and G. Ravyn Stanfield


Over 6 months we will explore Place, Body, Time, Ancestry, Justice and Repair.

Drawing inspiration from and honouring folklore, magical traditions, ancestral cultures, indigenous wisdom teachings, healing arts, and political movements of resistance and liberation, we:

*dive deeper than the moment we are in right now
*call the depths of who we are into the moment we are in
*heal and calm the nervous system
*engage ancestral soul retrieval work and healing around dispossession wounds/trauma
*discover new options/new strategies/new ways of being with stress, calamity
*work with sacred grief, rage, fear, conjuring hope, responsibility, radical accountability, leaning into support with the human and more-than-human
*repair relationships

Once upon a time and Now more than ever, humans need deep relationships with oceans, forest, soil, wind, and skies to thrive. Once upon a time, and Now more than ever, we pass stories through DNA and shared lineage to heal what has been broken.

In this workshop, we will offer healing gifts to our hearts and bow down deeply to witness ourselves and each other. Together, we sing to Place, Body Most Real, and lean into the songweb of ancestors, human and more than human. We will journey with Trance, story, movement, stillness, discussion, spellcraft, and radical enquiry to hail the heart on fire with the nectar of risk.

DATES: May 22, June 19, July 17, Aug 14, Sept 11, Oct 9

TIMES: Fridays, 5:00-6:30pm, Pacific Time.

COST: $400-800 Sliding scale, USD

A possible guide:
Unwaged – $400-500
Partially-waged – $500-650
Waged – $650-800

20% discount for people living outside of Britain, EU and the US.

If cost is prohibitive please contact us directly and we can sort out options.

TO REGISTER: Contact Lynx: lynxylulu@gmail.com