Your Individual Sessions could include:

  • Intuitive Leadership Skills – Removing Obstacles to Power, Visibility, Confidence
  • Awakening Creativity (Finding your Art)
  • Transformation of the Stories that Hold you Back
  • Reclaiming your Voice (Public Speaking, Singing, Changing Vocal habits)
  • Developing Publicity plan for your Small Business or Healing Arts Practice
  • Innovative Writing – Generating Blog posts, Articles, Essays, Web copy
  • Clear Communication in Conflict Resolution
  • Facilitation of Meetings, Events, Workshops (FAQ and Best practices)
  • Integrating the Sacred into the Everyday (Finding your Spirit)
  • Full Embodiment – A Whole Body Health plan that Actually Works for You
  • Making Peace with Money (Finding your Ground)
  • Balancing Work and Life – Dancing with your Schedule
  • Other individualized Goals and Priorities…

How it works!
It begins with you and your desires – what do you want more than anything? What do you want to change?

Our sessions focus on a variety of areas of personal and professional growth with an emphasis on practical applications of the changes you want to make in your everyday life. Together, we will determine where you want to begin and focus on a change or goal. I will help you develop projects, assignments, processes, and practices to complete that will move you closer to your dreams. In our sessions, we will discuss where you are and what needs to happen next to manifest your goals.

*While all personal work can be ongoing and lifelong, I love to find ways that you can feel successful in your transformations, manifestations and creations as well as ways to transition from this kind of intense and focused support to more healthy maintenance that you do individually.*

Individual coaching works best in groups of 4-6 sessions, depending on the issues on which you would like to work. Sometimes it only takes one session to have a huge impact but I have found that more often, it takes a commitment of work and attention that we dedicate to making a change over time.

The initial session is 60 minutes and we will do a lengthy interview to set your goals. Follow up sessions are from 45-60 minutes depending on the need and flow.

In the year long program, we make an even stronger and more focused commitment to your distinctive work. Your individually designed program includes 14 sessions that can be spread over one year via phone, Skype calls or (if possible), in-person meetings. I will recommend texts and articles that are pertinent to your goals, some of which may have to be purchased by you. Throughout the year, I am also available to exchange emails anytime, or to negotiate additional projects as needed. Depending on the scope of the extra projects, there may be pro-rated charges which we would always discuss in advance.

I also work with groups in a six month and year long mentorship programs with pre-set start and end dates, both in person and through a distance learning model. Please check my schedule at or contact me for more information about when the next apprenticeship will begin. Many of these areas of focus are also available as intensive weekend workshops offered internationally throughout the year.

Whatever you decide about the way that we work, I am here to support you fully during the time we will work together. You are not alone.