2015-01-10 07.41.17We are the rising sun, we are the change, we are the ones we are waiting for, and we are dawning.
~Gerri Ravyn Stanfield Acupuncturists without Borders is an effective non profit designed to help communities recover from trauma, create relief from disasters, and provide healing to underserved populations Dawn Isidora of Portland, OR, leads lifechanging workshops and provides excellent interfaith spiritual mentorship to folks seeking a greater experience of the sacred in their lives. Lorie Dechar is an inspired teacher of five element acupuncture and contemporary alchemy in the Northeast US. Through my acupuncture practice in Portland, OR, I help people in physical and emotional pain find relief through acupuncture, energy work and Chinese Medicine. Jalaja Bonheim is the creator of Circlework and the author of several outstanding books inspired by her passion for integrating sexuality and spirituality, empowering and celebrating the feminine spirit. Joanna Macy is a Bay area ecophilospher, author and founder of the Work that Reconnects, a curriculum that helps people return to the vitality of their lives on this planet and take action on its behalf. Lissa Rankin is a passionate doctor and author fired up about healing our broken health care system, one empowered patient and one conscious health care provider at a time.  Her blog and book are focused on helping patients and health care providers view illness as an opportunity for awakening. Lynne Twist is an exceptional author, speaker and fundraising specialist committed to supporting social justice and environmental sustainability. Off the Mat encourages yoga teachers to become activists and teaches top notch leadership trainings all over the world. Rebecca Solnit is a luminary author in San Francisco and her groundbreaking work on hope speaks for itself This website offers information about the Reclaiming tradition, events, and classes. Rose May Dance is a fantastic hypnotherapist and teacher in the Bay area and a co-founder of the Reclaiming tradition. Foundations of the Sacred Stream is a non profit dedicated to bringing the wisdom of ancient spiritual and healing traditions into the consciousness of those interested in being in service to the world. Sharon Knight is a mystical Bay Area songstress who weaves myth and haunting melody together. Starhawk is a co-founder of the Reclaiming tradition and a brilliant author and voice of earth activism in the Bay area. Suzanne Sterling is a gifted musician, leader and teacher in the Bay area, uniting spiritual work with action.  T. Thorn Coyle is a teacher, artist and evolutionary mystic in the Bay area who offers extraordinary spiritual training. Peter Levine’s somatic experiencing techniques for healing trauma are world renowned. VoiceCatcher is a nonprofit that connects and empowers women writers and artists in the greater Portland area.  Caroll Dunham and Thomas Kelly lead exquisite pilgrimages to wild and sacred places of the earth where story, myth, culture, adventure and spirit come together.  Write Around Portland changes lives through the power of writing with free creative writing workshops for hospitals, schools, homeless youth shelters, senior centers, low income apartments, prisons, social service agencies and treatment facilities.