I don’t know about you, but at the end of this year, I don’t feel resolve. nope, no resolution.

2015 was a tough cookie, a jaded hipster, a bull in the ceramics aisle.
2015 sneaked through the door with a party gift, tossed a coat on the bed and proceeded to tap dance on the tables and knock over the drummers.
2015 shed all seven veils (or more), pirouetted into the pinot noir, ate all grandma’s fried chicken without sharing and set up shop in the back room to give homemade tattoos.
I’m relieved to see that year walk out the door….BYE
…………………………………………………………….and then there is the void, _________________________________________________________________________the endless dark skirt that spreads after something is gone and before something is born. this is the time you chew your nails, forget your email, spring your eyes wide in the longest night.

something is coming but not yet.
stare into inky curlicues draped over onyx curves, the black velvet of nothing. you look too long. let me.
I choke down questions. quivering, strange.
what happens next.   where are we.   try not to fill the silence.   empty room.   terror keeps you honest.
can anything become here?    can anything become here?
it always goes better with intention, but intentions can change.

I drop words like small defiant stones to lead us home

fight for healing art. work smart.
stories transform. publish now.
love fiercely. know them by their courage.
stop the perfect. please people less.
write liberation songs. unearth the truth.
strong boundaries, but no borders.
rest. laugh. eat. create. heal. ignite.

happynewyear….may we all find refuge, freedom and love.

–Gerri Ravyn Stanfield 12/31/152015-04-07 17.03.15

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