Apprenticeship for World Healers

Revolution of the Spirit: Integrating Sacred Practices into Modern Medicine

A Post Graduate Mentorship for Health Care Professionals

Revolution of the Spirit is a one year training and apprenticeship that has been created to support practitioners in working at the level of spirit with their patients and clients, bringing many tools of emotional intelligence and a grounded spirituality into health care.  This mentorship has been designed to develop the ability in participants to treat people who have physical disorders and emotional discomfort that may be eased through engagement with sacred practices such as reorienting to embodiment, reconnection to land, use of ritual to make changes and mark passages, investigation of patterns of self sabotage, work with gaining insight from dreams or recurring nightmares, guided meditation and the other archetypal lenses that open our right brain’s propensity toward the realm of the imagination.

We will engage both the theories and experiential study of trauma recovery, transformation of destructive life habits, development of intuitive skills, creativity, resilience and conscious presence.  We will also explore the employment of myth, story, forgiveness, empathy and compassion in the healing arts.  Our investigation is inspired by the work of Joanna Macy, Starhawk, Lorie Dechar, Gene Gendlin, Peter Levine, Jeremy Taylor, Marshal Rosenberg, Carl Jung, Five Elements Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Depth Psychology as well as the writings and teachings of many of the other cultural creatives of our time.

This apprenticeship is open to adults of all genders, orientations, ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds.  This is a 12 month long training and designed for participants who make the commitment to the entire year. We will meet for a weekend workshop every month (with some breaks as noted on the schedule) to do intensive work in person. Between classes, you will be given the opportunity to deepen the work, and keep the energy palatable through an on line group and partner/group check ins. Participants are asked to attend all sessions.  This apprenticeship has been created for both face to face group meetings and for distance learning.  Please contact gerriravynstanfield @ for more information and dates of the next training.