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Now – The Teaching Craft: How to Create Inspired Learning Experiences  – DISTANCE, Everywhere – With Dawn Isidora

Now – November 2016 – October 2017 – An Apprenticeship in Sacred LeadershipBay Area, CA – With Suzanne Sterling

March 2018 – December 2018 – An Apprenticeship in Sacred Leadership – Philadelphia, PA – With Suzanne Sterling

2017 Alchemical Revolution Coaching Sale – DISTANCE, Everywhere




The Teaching Craft: Creating Inspired Learning Experiences
A Year long Teacher Training
with Dawn Isidora and Gerri Ravyn Stanfield
Ravyn and DawnTeaching is a time honored vocation and teachers deserve every bit of mentorship and support possible. You spent years gathering information, learning specific skillsets, or seeking life-changing experiences. You want to take your written work into the classroom but don’t enjoy public speaking. You fret over designing your curriculum or overstuffing your classes with information. You struggle with feedback that felt too personal or students who that are disruptive or negative. You swirl in the stories of “I need to be perfect before I can begin” or “I thought I knew what I was doing and it turned out I didn’t”. How do you shape and deliver your knowledge and experience in a way that informs and inspires?

If you are someone desiring to teach or already a teacher or author seeking new tools, we created this program for you! We designed the course that we wish we had when we began creating workshops decades ago. Now, we are teachers who love to teach teachers how to teach.
It takes both art and science to put together a dynamic class. We have collaborated and worked independently to offer dynamic, insightful classes and workshops geared towards adults, where the participants walk away feeling empowered and motivated. We bring diverse trainings and backgrounds (in medicine, psychology, healing, writing, performance, counseling, coaching, neuro linguistic programming, hypnotherapy, mediation, spiritual inquiry and of course – teaching) to de-mystify how to create content-rich, experiential learning opportunities.

This class is for you, if: you desire to share your hard won wisdom with those who want to learn; you are an author looking to transform your material into a dynamic experiential learning experience; you are already a teacher and seeking fresh tools and inspiration; you are curious about what it takes to create engaging and creative workshops and classes.
You will receive six customized individual sessions, developed just for you and covering critical material in:• Exploring your Motivation and Gifts
• Creating Curricula: Turning Passion into Material, Adult Education, Learning Styles
• Speaking/Presentation Skills: How to Keep Interest, Build Group Trust, Body Posture and Gestures
• Personal/Spiritual Practice & Motivation/Sustenance/Rejuvenation
• Community Building: Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback, Self-Assessment- Peer Review & Support
• Becoming an Educational Entrepreneur: Marketing, Publicity, Social Media
• Collaboration/Team TeachingPrice: $750 (payment plans available)To Register, email Lynx: lynxylulu@gmail.com. A $150 deposit secures your place.
Priestess Apprenticeship In Sacred Leadership

Priestess Apprenticeship In Sacred Leadership

Ravyn and SuzanneThis powerful 10 month apprenticeship is co-facilitated with Suzanne Sterling, noted musician, healer and priestess from the Bay Area, CA.

The modern world is fast paced, ever changing and technologically advanced. However, a new kind of creative, relational and intuitive leadership is in demand and a widespread hunger for experiences of the sacred in daily life becomes more and more clear.Few opportunities exist for individuals to receive personalized spiritual mentorship or any opportunity to develop their innate magical gifts.

Each of us has super powers – abilities that come naturally to us, but in leadership roles, we are often relied upon to have skills above and beyond our own specialties. What is your passion, your service, your offering? Where are your strengths? What are the edges you are pushing, the gifts you want to pursue? How can you hold authority confidently?

Are you longing to change the world, the culture, or simply your workplace? Have you wondered how you could integrate the tools of ritual and other sacred arts into your every day? Are you being asked to step into more responsibility or visibility in some area of your life?

We will explore tangible skills in multiple ritual modalities that will provide a foundation for your own priestessing and establish practices to deepen your connection to the sacred.  This apprenticeship is open to adults of all genders and spiritual backgrounds.


2018 in Philadelphia, PA

Skills cultivated will include:

* Developing a grounding and centering personal practice
* Creating sacred containers for transformative work
* Discovering your unique abilities, super powers, self awareness
* Effective communication skills
* Chanting, singing, drumming, yoga & meditation
* Nourishing the body/mind/spirit
* Growing confidence and charisma
* Transforming stagnant patterns
* Learning tools for conflict resolution, mediation in groups
* Working with the five elements: air, fire, water, earth and spirit
* Working with ancestors of spiritual craft
* Raising, changing and containing energy
* Working with myth, archetype and storytelling
* Creating ritual for various situations
* Leading trance, guided meditation and other ritual technologies
* Shadow stalking, projection, and boundaries
* Collaboration and shared power
* Peer support and consensus process
* Learning to find inspiration, trust yourself, ask for help
* Developing personal vision for leadership

From leading ritual to staying grounded in conflict, from ecstatic breath-work to giving constructive feedback, we will build the foundation to expand fully as a leader.  We will work together as collaborators and allies to support each other’s leadership paths.

This is a 10 month long training and designed for participants who make the commitment to the entire program. We will meet  to do intensive work in person.  Between classes, you will be given the opportunity to deepen the work, and keep the energy palatable through an on line group and partner check ins.  We ask that participants attend all sessions.


March 17/18

April  21/22

May 12/13

June 9/10

Aug 18/19

Sept 29/30

Oct 20/21

Nov 17/18

Dec 15/16
Tuition: $2500-4000 sliding scale for the entire apprenticeship. $2100 if
full tuition is paid in full by February 1st. Scholarship options and
payment plans available. Please contact Lynx to discuss these
options. We are very committed to making this work financially accessible
to committed priestesses who want to participate. ** If you feel this work
is for you and you really want to make the year long commitment, but
financial resources are a barrier, PLEASE talk to us. **

Classes will be 10am to 5p on Sat and Sun of every weekend.

Location: Deep Roots Sanctuary, Philadelphia, PA

The Sanctuary is able to host out of town participants for the weekend,  for an additional  $25-$75 sliding scale, which includes Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights and morning breakfast.

To Register:  Registration opens soon!  And will consist of:

A $200 deposit, Completing the online registration form, and submitting a Letter of Intent to Ravyn and Suzanne


CONTACT: Lynx, at lynxylulu@gmail.com


2017 Alchemical Revolution Coaching Sale

2017 Alchemical Revolution Coaching Sale Two Spots open in fall 2017

If you were raised to be nice, keep quiet and don’t rock the boat.
If you were told to keep the peace and weren’t allowed to have boundaries.
If you are an introvert, but you need to become a little more social or visible.
If you suspect you might be a healer and don’t know where to start.
If this is the year to begin THE THING you need to do/create but you need structure and accountability.
If your heart got torn apart and you feel stuck because you haven’t quite recovered.

I am here to help you. 

Reclaim your authentic voice in speaking and writing so you can take more holy risks and tell the stories that must be told!
Move past your fear of conflict, have some practiced words to say in tense situations and feel confident about your ability to respond to almost anything!
Learn to be the best parent/leader/guide for yourself!
Design your workshop, small business or creative project that has been tugging at you!

Contact Lynx for more details.

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Revolution of the Spirit: One Day Mini Retreat to Awaken the Healer

Saturday Sept 23rd 10-5pm, Portland, OR

Claim your personal medicine, in a deeply supported alchemical confrontation with our (over)protective inner critics via writing, movement and magic.  Limited space and this will fill so sign up asap!

Mark your calendar, registration opens May 1st.

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