Thank you to Nailed Magazine for publishing my flash fiction story, Freeze, about the cold places in our lives and the ways we still find warmth in unusual places. "You fear the nothing in your belly so you walk where it is cold. Icy wet, weighted clouds run past. You...

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Why I Keep Writing

I’m writing to you today, dear reader, to tell you why I’m writing. To heal the world. To rewrite the story that I inherited. To save my own life, To record that first iris, and the lilac that just opened to give us that morning rain smell. To tell you the story of...

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intention not resolution

I don’t know about you, but at the end of this year, I don’t feel resolve. nope, no resolution. 2015 was a tough cookie, a jaded hipster, a bull in the ceramics aisle. 2015 sneaked through the door with a party gift, tossed a coat on the bed and proceeded to tap dance...

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Our argument halted, losing heat erratic yips their clever song rising, falling over the deserted golf course. One, three, twenty voices Lift up and fly Howling at empty branches, cold air, pearl sky dying blackberry vines the pleasure of finding a voice at all in...

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